Lead Generation Strategies to Generate B2B Sales Leads in 2023


Posted on January 12,2024

The greatest way to increase sales is to develop a strategy that is specific to your market, your offering, and your target market. We can't just provide you one or two B2B lead creation techniques and call it a day for this reason.
To generate B2B sales leads, your sales and marketing teams must be open to experimenting, learning, and putting new ideas into practise. This entails trying many approaches until you discover the most effective one.
Are you prepared to experiment? To test, consider the following B2B lead creation techniques.

1. Run A/B tests on key pages
WallMonkeys employed a heat map tool to see where visitors' eyes first fell on their website while searching for office wallpapers among thousands of website visitors. The WallMonkey team was assured from the results that changing their site will enhance B2B sales leads.
They conducted a split test with a fresh background image and search bar to put their theory to the test, and the conversion rate increased by 550 percent. Very respectable.
Will altering the landing page's image boost conversions?
Will a new homepage increase the number of visitors who become leads?
The only method to learn is A/B split testing.

2. Use epic content campaigns to (continuously) generate B2B sales leads
Snack Nation, a supplier of office snacks, failed to increase B2B sales leads through its SEO efforts because there were fewer than 100 monthly searches for its target phrase.
They wrote an epic post on "employee wellness" in order to attract a larger audience that would include their ideal B2B prospects. This is a more general search term that their target customers utilise.
They took extra care when writing the content to make sure it was truly "epic" enough to attract leads.
Results of the post about employee wellness:
Snack Nation beat over rivals by including 121 suggestions for "staff wellbeing."
They contained numerous contributions from other experts in the field.
To encourage influencers to share their posts, they also used an aggressive outreach effort.
Even though it is almost three years old, this piece still brings in a tonne of traffic and leads for them.

3. Earn your buyers' trust with social proof
A significant component of most B2B lead generating methods is social proof.
Customers will seek out social proof to help them make more informed purchasing decisions because they can be sceptical of promises made about your product or service.
Building trust and boosting sales is made easier the more social evidence you can obtain for your website.
Consider including social proof on your site and landing pages, publishing favourable G2 Crowd ratings on social media, and producing case studies as additional ways to establish credibility.

4. Build a free tool to generate B2B sales leads
HubSpot offers a free CRM.
Crazy Egg gives a free Heatmap tool.
Ubersuggest offers free SEO analytics reports.
Notice a pattern?
For SaaS and tech companies, one of the best B2B lead generation strategies I’ve witnessed is a free tool.
Offering a free tool works for B2B lead generation because:
It allows leads to “try before they buy.”
It gives you a solid opt-in offer that attracts high-quality leads into your sales funnel.
In our early days, we used this exact tactic at Leadfeeder to get users to find and refer leads to us. It’s worked so well that we still offer free trials today!
Also, here you can check 11 steps to set up a lead generation strategy for your tech company.

5. Use Quora Q&As to generate more B2B sales leads
Using content to educate buyers and answer burning questions is nothing new.
The challenge that most B2B marketers face is:
Getting content in front of buyers.
And finding questions that buyers are asking.
Quora solves both of these problems.
As a social Q&A site, Quora is an underestimated platform for B2B lead generation.
Writer Nicolas Cole, for example, built a loyal following and a solid reputation on Quora by answering questions with detailed and occasionally personal answers.
Thanks to his answers on Quora, he skyrocketed the growth of his 7-figure content agency, Digital Press, within a few years.
Find your buyers on Quora, answer their questions, link back to your content, and profit.

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Lead Generation Strategies to Generate B2B Sales Leads in 2023

The greatest way to increase sales is to develop a strategy that is specific to your market, your offering, and your target market. We can't just provide you one or two B2B lead creation technique....