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Edigitus is a dynamic, versatile, and full-service digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience that believes in marketing skills to attract new clients. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we add value to brands by bridging the gap between creative, digital, and media. We share a unique approach, fully integrated between all the moving parts to deliver high-performing campaigns

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Current times call for a compelling digital presence. Be it any sector, digital publicity is a must. Digital marketing agencies help you climb the rungs of social media. In the educational sector, we have a wider audience- the students and their parents. A digital marketing agency understands the needs of your audience and hence will plan your social media campaigns accordingly.

Marketing agencies offer services like website creation, ad campaigns, setting up social media accounts, and content creation. All these services aid in the publicity of an institution. The more audience it reaches, the more conversions it gets. For an educational institute, its digital presence should also be informative and enriching for a student to build trust in the institution. Digital Marketing agencies help these institutions grow digitally.

The benefits of digital marketing are endless. To begin with, it is a cheaper source of marketing than conventional means. Digital marketing also offers a good return on investment as conversion rates are high. It is the fastest means of publicity in the current scenario. Your institution is just a click away. With the help of digital marketing, you can also reach your target audience quickly and connect with them. It engages your audience till the decision-making stage. Befitting social media presence fosters trust and credibility amongst users.

Digital marketing agencies use several strategies to help grow your business. A unique strategy is chalked out for every business. For educational institutions, the best strategies that agencies adopt are ad campaigns, and running frequent ads around the admission season to grasp students’ attention. Keeping an active social media presence across all the platforms will help get more students on board. Going live on channels like Facebook and Instagram also helps the students connect directly and have a sneak peek at what's going on in the institution.

Students these days are tech-savvy and rely on the internet for the minutest of information they need. By designing interactive ad campaigns and social media posts, it is sure to catch their attention. Institutes can also resort to video marketing to engage viewer’s attention. Make videos that urge them to respond or visit your profile on social media. Another important factor could be an engaging website. Make sure you add more CTAs as they help in more conversions. They could be like ‘Connect a call’ or ‘Take a virtual tour’ etc which exhilarates a student’s excitement.

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Clutch Good Firms Google Partners Hubspot Partner ISO Certified Meta Business Microsoft Certified MSME Startup India